Here's What People Are Saying About GPS2CAD:

"Hi Mark, it is all working well and the excel function is perfect for the report and many more I hope. No need to apologize, you have been more helpful than some software companies."


Gwydion’s Tree Consultancy, U.K.

"With GPS capabilities growing in recent years, many have turned to simple recreational GPS equipment to obtain field data. And a new software release from a small Arizona company is helping smooth the exchange of GPS and CAD data.

GPS2CAD, developed by Phoenix-based AMC, allows users to import data from a variety of hand-held GPS units into AutoCAD, as well as export AutoCAD points back to the GPS units. A new feature also enables plotting of points on custom images, such as those obtained from Google Earth." Read the entire article here

Andrew Roe,
Cadalyst Magazine

"I purchased your program several years ago and I use it frequently. It has helped me reduce time/cost on numerous projects. I'm currently looking at the upgrade which we are likely to purchase."

Jeff Paetz, P.G.
Project Manager
Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.
Westerville, OH

"We were under a very tight project timeline to survey over 100 miles of storm damaged overhead power lines.  We had no existing maps of either the roads or the power lines.  We were able to prepare a system map of parts of two counties and a small city with all of the power lines in 6 weeks.  We never could have done it without GPS2cad...We love the product."

 Cris Naegele P.E.
Utility HelpNet, Inc.

"Hi, I just wanted to drop you an email and tell you how great I really think your program is. We had been searching the web looking for a program that would do many things for us. We wanted to be able to first connect our GPS device and read data to the computer, then modify it, write it back, and store the file to the server for later use. we can do all of these things thanks to you!

We also do a lot of map overlays with both the topos and aerials. Being able to grab large areas with a decent resolution took me a while to "Stitch" together from the Terra Server site. With your program, it grabs and stitches larger areas together since the window is larger.

Since we purchased your program, I haven't had to stitch anything! Thanks again!"

David Knight
Team Design Inc.

"Our company needs a quick and accurate tool to allow us to download permit boundaries, well locations and other points of interest straight from AutoCAD to our GPS u its. GPS2CAD allows us to do this in one step rather than what were previously 3 or 4 tedious transformations."
Daniel Dotten
Maxxim Shared Services
Coeburn, VA.

"I am a landscape architect for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. We are responsible for design and construction projects on 43 state parks, over 320 fishing access sites, several wildlife management areas and several fish hatcheries. With sites spread across the fourth largest state in the nation, I have been looking for a product to improve my efficiency in conceptual site design. I've found it. GPS2CAD allows me to do conceptual site design on the ground where it should be done. Your product efficiently fills the niche between project scopeing and detailed construction surveys. Today I upgraded to GPS2CAD 3.0 and I am amazed at the improvements. I look forward to my next project so that I can use it.

Bardell Mangum RLA
Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

" I was at a site in Minnesota where I was given one and half hours (had to catch an airplane) to complete field verifications for a tractor trailer lot (750 feet by 350 feet) ... without the GPS and the CAD transfer software I think I would still be there! I can't believe I was able to identify 45 way points and within 5 minutes have a CAD drawing that I could use as the basis for the initial project development. I even used a tape wheel and checked several spots. I was within 10 to 15 feet with the GPS. TALK about an improvement in efficiency. I completed similar trailer lot verifications (Indiana) with two additional personnel using conventional transit and level, that took a day and half to complete...

P.S. have you solved the alternative fuel problem yet!!

Thank you,
David B. Edlbeck
Jacobs Engineering - Green Bay Operations"

"Very easy and powerful software, particularly compared to the $ cost of standard "surveying" - I use it daily for locating and plotting wetlands, listed
species, etc. into CAD with Geotiff images.  If you need beta testers in future let me know." 

Jim Keltner, Boyland Environmental March, 2004