Tying it all together: GPS, CAD, and Maps



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   Contact: Mark Crigler, (602) 978-0720, MarkC@AzTechSoft.com


Tying it all together: GPS, CAD, and Maps


AMC, Inc. has released GPS2CAD Ver 3.0, a powerful Windows application that

enables users to effectively bring into their design environment the GPS points

they have collected, their favorite CAD application, and public domain aerial

photos and Topo maps. Samples and more information is available at

www.AzTechSoft.com/gpscad.htm . The primary benefit is a significant reduction

of job costs because GPS2CAD lets you use an affordable GPS unit instead of producing

an extremely expensive and overly-accurate site survey.


GPS2CAD enables design professionals to easily and inexpensively use

recreational-grade GPS units to collect field information and plot it in their

CAD program. While professional survey-grade systems are more accurate, most

recreational GPS units are well-suited for many site layout and "topo-plotting"



Viewing the imported points on actual public-domain aerial photos or topographic

maps is an important part of GPS2CAD. These maps are obtained automatically when

the user clicks the "View Points" button, and then displayed in a separate

window with the map, points and id clearly plotted.


GPS2CAD translates the GPS points from their "satellite based" coordinate system

into more than 40 world wide coordinate systems, including the extremely popular

NAD 27, NAD 83, and the State Plane Coordinate systems (used in the United



The program is designed to work with AutoCAD, versions 14.01 through 2004. In

addition, it will export the point data to text files, Access 2000 files, and

DXF files, so most technical/CAD programs (including AutoCAD LT) can use the

point data.


GPS2CAD Ver. 3.0 is especially useful for capturing and viewing the location of

trails, outdoor recreation sites, and topographic features. The program's "Real

Time Capture" of GPS points allows the user to place GPS2CAD on a laptop,

connect their GPS receiver, and "drive around" collecting the points as they go.

If desired, the points can be plotted real time to AutoCAD or an Access 2000

database, so other programs needing this point information can process it in

real time also. The real fun part is to drive around town watching your route

being traced in an AutoCAD drawing (keep your eyes on the road - or let someone

else drive!).


GPS2CAD Ver 3.0 (in current release) is a follow-on product to Ver. 2.5, which

has been on the market for two years. The latest version works with Garmin GPS

receivers, and an upcoming release will also provide support for Magellan units.

The program works on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003.


The author believes this is the only product on the market that fills the

tremendous gap between inexpensive, hand-held GPS receivers and the CAD

environment. The program is currently priced at $345 (U.S.)


For more information, contact AMC, Inc., 4109 W. Laurel Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029

USA Phone: (602) 978-0720. Internet: Email: info@AzTechSoft.com


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Since 1999 AMC Inc. has been creating and marketing CAD and Engineering applications for Windows users. Mark Crigler is a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) in the State of Arizona, and has been actively involved in the engineering profession for over 30 years. Since December of 2000 he has been a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.


Evaluation copies of GPS2CAD are available at http://www.aztechsoft.com/download.htm

Screen shots are at: http://www.aztechsoft.com/gpscad.htm