GPS2CAD Now compatible with AutoCAD 2010


Date: 8-03-09

For Immediate Release


Contact: Mark Crigler, 602-978-0720,


AMC, Inc. has just released an updated version of GPS2CAD, a powerful Windows application that enables users to bridge the gap

between your GPS unit and AutoCAD. We are pleased to announce that an all NEW version is available, with these important enhancements:

  1. The latest version of GPS2CAD is now compatible with AutoCAD 2010
  2. The name has changed back to GPS2CAD. It's the same product as GPS2CAD-08, so don't be confused by the small change





Reducing the cost of field data collection and drawing preparation is the primary benefit of this program. It allows users to import data from inexpensive, recreational grade GPS units, convert the data to a CAD usable format, and plot it in AutoCAD. Cost savings to companies come in three main areas:

  • Reducing the cost of the technology required simple recreational grade GPS units from manufacturers such as Garmin, and which cost under $500 can be substituted for professional grade units that cost $10,000 or more
  • Reducing the cost of Personnel instead of a professionally trained surveyor required to operate the GPS equipment, technicians can be used to walk a site and collect data points where necessary
  • Reduce Drafting costs the time required to produce CAD drawings with the data is greatly reduced two ways:
    • GPS2CAD easily sends the data into the drawing
    • GPS2CAD can also send map images into the drawing


The program is best used in situations where the precision of recreational grade GPS units is acceptable to the job requirements, which is often the case in the planning stage of a project, or with projects where precise location of topographic features is not necessary.



Free trial versions are available and can be downloaded here Additional information can be found on the website at or by contacting AMC Inc. 4109 W. Laurel Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029, 602-978-0720. Internet: email




Since 1999 AMC Inc. has been creating and marketing CAD and Engineering applications for Windows users. Mark Crigler is a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) in the State of Arizona, and has been actively involved in the engineering profession for over 30 years. Since December of 2000 he has been a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.