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GPS2CAD-08 Now Exports .DXF Files

AMC, Inc. has just updated GPS2CAD-08, a powerful Windows application that enables users to bridge the gap between your GPS unit and AutoCAD. We are pleased to announce that Version 1.3 is now available. This new version adds some important capabilities to the program:

Import/Export capabilities.

With this new version, the user can now

  • Import project files from earlier versions of GPS2CAD (version 3.x) and use their point data in the new GPS2CAD-08
  • Import data files exported from Garmin Mapsource and Magellan Mapsend
  • Import data from other text sources using an import wizard
  • Export data to comma and tab delimited text files
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets
  • Export data to .DXF files. This is an important feature because it allows the use of the data in programs other than AutoCAD. Most popular among these would be AutoCAD LT, TurnboCAD, IntelliCAD, and any others that will import a .DXF file

Other News About GPS2CAD-08: On Monday, August 5th, Cadalyst Magazine released a great article on the program. You can read  it here

Free trial versions are available and can be downloaded here Additional information can be found on the website at or by contacting AMC Inc. 4109 W. Laurel Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029, 602-978-0720. Internet: email



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