October 16, 2009

Minor bug fixes; not yet 64 bit compatible

September, 2009


Fix .dxf export fault

August 2009

Compatibility with AutoCAD 2010


Changes not listed here



Compatibility with ACAD 2006

  • Fixed a round-off problem that occurred when uploading points to a Magellan

  • Fixed Datum Translation error that occurred in State Plane Coordinate NAD 27 /Texas North Central 4202



Maintenance Release:

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when importing Garmin MapSource text files. Revised the export wizard to allow the user to define the order of the fields exported.

  • Added new sort commands to the main screen: sort numeric ascending, sort numeric descending, and renumber. These commands allow greater flexibility when exporting points to other programs.



Maintenance Release:

Fixed a problem that occurred when importing csv text files through the import wizard



Minor Revisions and Maintenance:

  • * Revised the Point Preview window: centers points better on window startup.

  • * Added Zoom Extents, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Previous (several levels).

  • * Revised the Import from ACAD feature. Added ability to automatically select points, blocks or lines; added a counter to let user know how many of each were found.

  • * Fixed problem when uploading points to GPS, when the points have been imported from a text file

  • * Fixed problem encountered when exporting points to a text file.

  • * Added compatibility to AutoCAD Land Desktop Aeccpoints. This compatibility is a custom build and only available by special request.



Maintenance release:

  • Fixes a problem encountered when uploading points to the GPS unit, if the points were imported from AutoCAD.

  • Added a selection to Sort the points by Ident as Alpha characters or Ident as Numeric characters. This prevents erroneous sequences such as 69,7,70 when sorting.

  • Fixed a problem that caused premature display of "Transfer Complete" messagebox


Maintenance release. Fixes a problem encountered when exporting .dxf files



Major upgrade, free for existing owners of Ver 3.1. Includes:

  • new "Import Engine"

  • Direct import of files exported from Garmin's MapSource and Magellan's MapSend

  • Import Wizard

  • Save /Open Project

  • Video Introduction and Quick Start

  • Video Help Files

  • We are moving the main web site support to www.GPS2CAD.com

For a fuller description of the new features, read the "What's new" page



Includes a note about connecting to Magellan GPS units; no functional changes



Includes the following changes:

  • * Magellan support

  • * 3d plotting in ACAD for points and blocks

  • * Added option to zoom extents and regen in ACAD during Real Time Capture

  • * Added a feature to sort points in the grids

  • * Fixed misc. errors



  • * Set Preview Plot default plotting color to black

  • * Fixed "report error" url in error popup window

  • * Fixed grid selection problem in German, Finnish, French, Norwegian, and Italian datums

  • * Changed "Plot Blocks" feature to plot Point Name instead of Number



Corrected error that sometimes occurred when trying to add points manually



Revised code that validates Lat/Long values when editing in grids, and changing lat/long values in zoom to and add points modules: Ver 3.0.1



Revised installation package to include mscomct2.ocx



Released for distribution Ver 3.0


3.0 Beta

Fourth Release:

  • * Simplified preferences setup window

  • * Completed "upload from ACAD feature

  • * Added Direction Distance Units selection box that changes distances as you scroll

  • * Streamlined Code

  • * Removed shdocvw.dll from installation process. It is a core system file and present on all platforms - therefore not needed in installation

  • * Revised menu structure

  • * Additions to the Help file online

  • * Removed the "switch ends

  • " option when uploading a line from ACAD.


3.0 Beta

Third release:

* Fixed Installation problem with shdocvw.dll

* Reversed scrolling directions on aerial and topo map arrow icons


3.0 Beta

Second release:

  • * Fixed missing controls in the installation. These controls include comct332.ocx which may not have been on the users machine.

  • * Continued to revise code, squash bugs, and simplify

  • * Added a combo box for units over the direction/distance grid; selections available but not yet coded.

  • * Considering requests to include 3D plotting. Probably will do it, but later.

  • * Continuing to work with vendor ShareIT to set up a product purchase page


3.0 Beta

First Beta release to outside testers