Plot Your GPS Points in AutoCAD GPS2CAD gives design professionals major cost savings in data collection by using recreational-grade GPS units to collect field information and plot it in AutoCAD, or their favorite CAD program. Most recreational GPS units are well-suited for site layout and “topo-plotting” requirements that do not need great accuracy, and GPS2CAD bridges the gap between these GPS units and CAD read more

CAD Compatible GPS2CAD is the only GPS softwarewe we know of that is directly compatible with
AutoCAD , TurboCAD, and DoubleCAD. It lets you easily bring your GPS points into your CAD environment: at the click of a button, you can plot polylines, points, and blocks.

Blocks and points can be plotted in 3D, for use in terrain modeling packages, and the blocks carry attributes showing all the point data.

View Your Data with "EarthToCAD" While this feature is designed to work with any bitmap image source, one of the most popular is Google Earth™

This features lets you import the great images from Google Earth, calibrate them, and plot the points and lines from your GPS unit onto the image. Then with the click of a button, the image and point data is all sent into your AutoCAD drawing, ready for drafting. The coordinate translation is done correctly and everything is placed into your drawing at the correct scale. read more

Uses Most Common GPS Units uses most garmin unitsMost GPS units from Garmin are compatible with GPS2CAD, as well as other brands that use a mass storage/ .gpx format to store their data.

Provides Datum Translation GPS2CAD translates the GPS into hundreds of world wide coordinate systems, including the extremely popular NAD 27, NAD 83, and the State Plane Coordinate systems (used in the United States).

For a complete list of supported datums, click here

Compatibility GPS2CAD is compatible with Windows 7, 64 bit platforms. It has been completely re-written, using the latest tools, technology and interface design. A simple, straight-forward ribbon style menu guides you through the program.

$395 GPS2CAD

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