Import / Export Features

Sharing information in and out of GPS2CAD is an important part of working with your data, and it can help maintain the productivity you need. There are several ways to share this information:

Import points from AutoCAD DrawingImporting from your drawing is an important capability that lets you locate your data in the field. Once a site plan drawing has been set in your CAD drawing (AutoCAD or TurboCAD), you may select data in the drawing that you wish to upload to your GPS unit and inspect in the field. With the Import / Export module, you can do this with just a few keystrokes. The points you select are brought into GPS2CAD's main grid, with the X, Y and Z coordinates converted back to Latitude / Longitude. WIth a button click this information is then sent to the GPS unit, and you are ready for the field!

Import from DrawingImport Wizard - for those odd text / data files that you encounter, a wizard is provided to help parse them into a usable format, and bring them into GPS2CAD. The data is then available for plotting or uploading, just as if they had come from your own GPS unit. WIth a little clean up work, this process works for files generated from other equipment vendors such as Trimble.


Export Wizard

Export Wizard - Need the data in another format? With this wizard you can export your data as a text file (comma or tab delimited), a Microsoft Excel file, or a DXF file, for use in other CAD programs!