Save Survey Costs With GPS2CAD

We’re in Tough Times!

In these tough economic times Architects, Engineers, Public Agencies, and – well – just about everyone is looking for ways to reduce overhead and operating costs. If you use AutoCAD to draw site plans or plot Topographic features, you know that one of your biggest expenses is the collection of field data, and the plotting of that data in your drawing. With this process being so labor intensive, it’s prudent to see what you can do to reduce these costs. Fortunately, GPS2CAD can help reduce substantially the cost of field surveys and data collection.

Precision that Wastes Profits

When we work with field data often times the old phrase “measure it with a micrometer, cut it with an axe” comes to mind. Much of the topo that is collected is measured with accuracy that is really nothing more than wasted profit. It just doesn't need the accuracy that modern survey-grade GPS units provide. In many cases, the modern day recreational grade GPS units are more than sufficient. The problem with them is getting their data into an x,y,z format, and then into the CAD drawing.

GPS2CAD Saves Production Costs

GPS2CAD was designed to bridge the gap between these hand held, recreational type GPS units, and the AutoCAD environment. With this program you can retrieve the data from your GPS unit, convert it to the x,y,z format, and send it into your AutoCAD drawing. Here’s a summary of the important features that help you save costs:

Plotting Features

Mapping Features

The Bottom Line...

As you can see, GPS2CAD can go a long way in reducing the costs of field data collection and drafting. I’m sure you’ll find what so many others have found – GPS2CAD can save you enormous amounts of production costs, and pay for itself many times over. Not bad in today’s business climate!

Mark Crigler, P.E.

"We were under a very tight project timeline to survey over 100 miles of storm damaged overhead power lines. We had no existing maps of either the roads or the power lines. We were able to prepare a system map of parts of two counties and a small city with all of the power lines in 6 weeks. We never could have done it without GPS2CAD...
We love the product."

Cris Naegele P.E. Utility HelpNet, Inc.